Life Lessons


Life Lesson No. 3 – A Life that’s Good

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m all about quotes and sayings. My mother-in-law, Debbie, has this saying hanging in her kitchen, “We plan, God laughs.”  Amen. It’s one of my favorite sayings because it applies to our daily life on the farm and some of my life experiences…

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Life Lesson No. 2 – The Best is Yet to Come.

A wise person once told me, “Experience is what we get, when we don’t get what we want.” It is a mantra I carry with me every day that also applies to life as a farmer. Drought, flooding, strong winds, hail, insect invasions, resistant weeds and plant diseases are all experiences that can happen throughout the growing season.  No two years are ever the same and good or bad, each year is an experience…

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Life Lesson No. 1 – Procrastination. Push. Perfection. 

I’m a procrastinator. Always have been and, most likely, always will be. I’m addicted to that rush of adrenaline you get when you know you’re almost out of time and really need to push to accomplish the task at hand. I thrive in deadline-driven environments and I crave that rush of excitement or that fire in your belly when you know you’ve pulled off another job well done. It is incredibly satisfying when I can cross off yet another task on my growing to-do list… Read More »

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